AI and Automation
for your business

Artificial intelligence with automation will revolutionize your workflows. We connect your applications, eliminate manual tasks, and boost your team’s productivity. Each solution is fully customisable and individualized to meet your unique requirements.

How we can help you with AI and Automation

The focus is to identify and replace manual, repetitive and expensive bottlenecks with AI and Automation.

Step 1

Break down workflows

Create a visual map of your processes, workflows, and manual tasks with our T.A.P Analysis

Step 2

Identify areas to automate

Analyse workflows and identify possible automations with highest ROI with S.T.O.R.M Framework.

Step 3

Build and Test

Build individual solutions using custom code, AI tools, and Automations.

Step 4

Manage and Iterate

Manage and improve.There will always be new things to automate.

Use Cases

Here are some Use Cases we can support you with.

Data Migration

Automate data migration, entry, collection and management for decision making.

Customer Service

Improving and automating internal and external customer service.

Content Generation

Custom trained AI Models with existing data. Can generate any kind of content you want and even sound like you.

Staff Onboarding

Onboarding new staff and training existing staff is expensive. Making data and information accessible.

Connect Apps

Apps and tools can be integrated with each other. For instant data handoffs and consolidation of information.

AI Enhanced Automations

Integrating AI into existing workflows can reduce the manual effort by up to 80%.

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