Boost Your Productivity like a Boss with AI Automation

Boost Your Productivity like a Boss with AI Automation

Do you also want to get more done in less time?

If yes, then I have just the right thing for you! And it’s called AI Automation.

In this post, I will show you some examples of how AI Automation can help you save time and money as well as boost your productivity.

Work smarter, not harder!

How AI revolutionizes modern work

AI itself is not a new topic.

However, with the release of ChatGPT end of 2022, AI became available (and affordable) for individuals which led to the current ongoing hype we are experiencing.

Despite its recent appearance across different industries, AI already made a huge impact, which can also be witnessed in some recent studies.

Here are some results companies have been able to achieve thanks to AI:

  • 13.8 % more customer inquiries handled
  • (Professional) Content Creation sped up by up to 90%
  • Programmers write code 126% faster
  • Customer satisfaction increased by up to 30%

These are only a few numbers but you get the idea…

You see, that there is no doubt about the positive impact of AI on businesses as well as individuals.

Before we go into some examples of how you can leverage AI to improve your workflows, let me briefly explain the concept of AI Automation again.

What is AI Automation?

AI Automation might sound like Rocket Science but it’s not.

In short, it’s a combination of AI and the ‘traditional’ automation.

But instead of being clunky and just performing predefined tasks, AI Automation can think, decide, and learn on its own.

Imagine AI Automation being a personal assistant for you, that works 24/7.

And you can ask your personal assistant for every single task you don’t want to do or you don’t have the time for. (And you don’t even have to pay a salary)

Let’s look into some benefits that AI Automation will bring to you.

Benefits of AI Automation for Productivity

  • Time-Saving: Automating routine tasks like sorting Emails or other tedious tasks will free up some time in your calendar. This time could be used for more productive tasks. Reduce your organizational effort!
  • Error Reduction: Everybody lacks concentration from time to time and little mistakes will happen at some point. AI Automation reduces the risk of these mistakes happening and will lead to higher-quality work results.
  • Data Analysis: AI allows you to analyze big datasets for you rapidly! Sometimes AI is even better than humans at this. For example when finding anomalies or relations of datasets through multiple files.
  • Adaptability: The most significant benefit, in my opinion, is the adaptability. AI will generate whatever you need it to. And you will also evaluate its results. The “feedback” can then be used to train your AI model.

Again, there are even more benefits but I only want you to get an idea of why you should leverage AI Automation yourself.

Now, let’s go into some real examples of AI Automation!

Tools & Platforms for AI Automation

At the time you read this post, there were 50 new AI Tools being launched.

Kidding aside, there is a magnitude of AI Tools and services on the market and new ones are being released every day. Therefore it’s impossible to keep track and a full list of these tools might need one or two more posts.

Nevertheless, I prepared some basic use cases and tools for you. Whether you are looking for a personal use case or want to automate your business.

For Individuals:


Chatbots are the most obvious tools to be leveraged for your daily tasks. ChatGPT is the most prominent on the list but let me tell you that there are a lot more Chatbots out there!

Even some highly specified ones like GitHub Copilot (for developers).

Automated Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tools are another way of increasing your productivity.

Do you have a packed calendar and always a lot of stuff on your plate?

Try to use an Automated Scheduling Tool like Motion or Calendly.

AI-driven Task Managers

AI Project Management tools are one of my favorite tools to boost productivity.

Using ClickUp or Notion for managing your projects and tracking your progress will definitely level up your productivity game!

For Businesses:

AI Agents / Chatbots

AI Agents are a wonderful way to start with AI Automation in almost any business.

But don’t be mistaken. I am not talking about using ChatGPT across all your business areas.

Instead, you could create your own, personalized version of ChatGPT for your company. Some possible use cases for a personalized AI Agent could be:

  • Customer Support Automation
  • eCommerce shopping assistant
  • Internal Training & Onboarding Bot
  • Department Agents
  • and many more

AI-driven Marketing Tools

The most prominent tool in this area will be HubSpot, which is basically an All-in-One solution for Marketing, Sales, and Lead Generation.

But there are also some more specialized marketing tools like instantly, which allows you to improve your cold email game.

Sales Assistant

Now, this Sales Assistant could be a custom-trained chatbot, that is integrated into your website or any of your social media accounts.

Again, the AI Sales Assistant could be trained on your personal or any other predefined data and help your customers find the perfect product.

This AI automation method can be leveraged by almost every business that sells products or services.

Anomaly Detection

I’ve spent almost a decade in the energy trading environment and I can tell you that data quality is extremely important!

This is also the case for many other businesses that handle a huge amount of data.

However, due to the sheer amount of data being processed, it’s impossible for a human being alone to ensure data quality.

And this is where AI Anomaly Detection will come in handy.

It can even spot data relations that you didn’t know existed!

Predictive AI Analysis Platforms

Predicting the future is obviously an impossible task.

But predicting the possibility of certain events is not!

Especially, in the energy trading environment we did some statistical-based predictive analysis and forecasts.

Every market follows specific rules. In order to make a qualified prediction you need to understand these rules and know how to read necessary parameters.

AI can help with that!

Curated by the community

Of course, there is a bunch more tools out there.

To explore some additional tools you can look at what the community says.

@heyrobinai and @heyAbhishekk did curate some nice toolsets for you as well. Check them out.

My personal AI toolset

Here are some of my tools I use frequently.

  • Text Blaze to instantly access text snippets or templates in the browser.
  • tl;dv to provide an instant summary of a video.
  • Notion AI to gather and organize your thoughts efficiently.
  • make to automate your workflows and connects all kind of applications.
  • publer to schedule social media posts. e.g via an excel sheet.

Best Practices to Implement AI Automation

#1 Start Small:

Begin with automating simple tasks to understand the process. In Software Development this is called a PoC (proof of concept).

Don’t rush into replacing all your processes at once.

You could also set up some KPIs to compare the productivity boost.

#2 Learn:

Reiterate your changes and don’t be afraid to work things over.

Always think about the time you can save and the benefits you get with this AI automation.

If you don’t know how to improve even further, take online courses or workshops focused on AI automation.

#3 Invest:

It’s important for you to understand that the integration of AI automation will not just skyrocket your productivity.

Especially in the beginning, you have to allocate resources and energy to implement and test out tools/platforms that leverage AI.

But always remember: You need to invest in order to grow!

#4 Collaborate:

Some people are hesitant to share possible benefits with others, especially competitors, and I totally understand this.

However, in order to fully leverage the power of AI, you should communicate as much and as openly as possible.

You might even need some outside help driving this whole AI topic.

In this case, work with experts or companies that specialize in AI solutions.

Drop me a message and I will collaborate with you!

To sum it all up..

AI Automation is a powerful way to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you can benefit from the various AI tools and platforms that are available on the market.

From chatbots to AI-driven task managers, you can automate your daily tasks and focus on what matters most.

AI Automation is not only a trend, but a necessity in the modern world.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and start using AI Automation today!







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